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With PRO SHIPPERS, you get the Best of Express Delivery.

As a freight forwarding agency, we ship locally and internationally. We have a global presence with offices and partners all over the world. With over  thirty five years   of experience,  PRO Shippers  International has the full dedication to take care of the most important assets, the clients and the employees.

We are committed to quality and professionalism which led to our success along with the long-term relationship with customers and consistent growth. We are your partners we look after your business interests and consider it as our own as with an unbeatable network of professional logistics partners across the world, we are experts in all what we deliver.

We ship perishable and non perishable goods to destinations all over the globe.


Provide superior freight forwarding and logistics solutions through our professional employees who are constantly developed to provide a service that exceeds the client’s expectations. Our corporate commitment is to act professionally, fairly and with integrity to all employees. Our main philosophy is based on having a business relationship with our clients develops a pleasure to shape unique trust worthiness. Our main goal is to ease power of exchange, melt boarders to in hand any belongings, geographical regions are deleted under our operation. Linking the world in AOL thread in no time. We utilize the state of art technologies to deliver the most effective and efficient solutions in the industry. With transparency and integrity, our main concern is the welfare of our society.