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Delivery Your shipment by Air by Domestic and International Flights

Air Freight is the fatest means of transporting shipments over long distances. Our freight delivery handles small consignments like letters and parcels to very large and bulky shipments like cars and trucks. Once your decide that your shipment should get to the other end in the shortest possible time, then our Air Freight should be your first option.
Your cargo is in safe hands. When time matters nothing is better than air freight. No matter what type of goods you may transport, either commodities, hazardous or precious, trust us to deliver them promptly.

Fast moving, challenging and constantly changing – airfreight spurs us on to be creative and flexible as we seek to deliver the most appropriate services to you. Global capacity and demand can change in the blink of an eye and we are committed to providing stable, reliable services which maintain your supply chain’s integrity. Whether your shipments fly in the bellies of commercial aircraft or require specialist freighter aircraft to move them our team of air freight experts will deliver tailor-made solutions to solve your business challenges.  Contact your local PRO Shippers airfreight expert – they are just a click or call away. Global or regional – when you need an airfreight service, PRO Shippers has a range of products and a choice of speeds to precisely match your requirements. We have a team of experienced airfreight experts standing by to work with you to ensure your goods are delivered on time and in tip-top condition.